Coveney, Lee English Download [B1]: Grammar

Coveney, Lee English Download [B1]:  Grammar


Описание книги Coveney, Lee English Download [B1]: Grammar. At the back of English Download B1 Grammar, there are tables presentingverb forms, a summary of spelling rules and also an irregular verbs list. The Intermediate level is suitable for students working to achieve a B1 level of competence within the Common European Framework. It can be used alongsideEnglish Download B1 Student’s Book or with any course at B1 level.English Download B1 Grammar contains: 12 units that start with a grammar presentation in the form of an interesting web-style page; clear, simple grammar theory presented in the same order as it appears in English Download B1 Student’s Book; a wide variety of practice exercises; a speaking task and a writing task in each unit that encourage students to use the grammar productively in contextualised situations; regular progress reviews that consolidate the grammar learnt in the preceding two units. English Download is an exciting new multi-level course especially written to appeal to teenagers and young adults alike. English Download B1 Grammar is a reference and practice bookproviding students with further practice of the grammar presentedin English Download B1 Student’s Book.

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